Dead City Empire…so Epic…they eradicate any myths or doubts on their ability to hammer out song after song…a pure genius is the album.

And so it has begun…

Dead City Empire’s album debut, gritty melodic & enticingly infused with sex, drugs & hardcore rock & roll.

Everything a rock band’s album should sound like right?

Yes! And with the legendary international producer Matt Bittman engineering the new Dead City Empire’s Album…you get just that.

Listening to their album you can’t help but notice the new realm of rock they’re taking over. And how this band came to be…was all by determination.

Sex, drugs & hardcore rock & roll

Lead vocalist Shydi Evans aka “LUCKY SE7EN” cut his teeth on the DC ROCK SCENE in 2000.

SE7EN began writing songs that would become the very sound he had been searching for while performing in different bands. He found himself unsatisfied in the direction those bands were going in. However, from one of the bands he kept close contact with one of the members, drummer, Kenny “KAOS”.

“SE7EN and I just synchronized, says KAOS, and we knew we envisioned a sound that was different. He and I would link up and have jam sessions back then and as time moved forward.  It became clear we had a lot in common and knew it was time to start our own band.”

Dead City Empire Band Mates

SE7EN’s vocal approach would be described as sui generis, dulcet and heavy.  He delivers the vocal luster of an angel who hides the gritty growl of a demon unleashed and set free from its Cage.

“Kenny Kaos” is one half of the founding members of Dead City Empire. His energetic style brings forth a sound that’s heavy hitting and versatile. Crowned “The King” of drums in 2010’s Drummer of the year award. His audience is left drenched with sweat from their primitive tendencies.

“Yo, when I first heard KAOS play,” says SE7EN.  I thought, ‘this dude is bad ASS! And when we started working on the Dead City Empire’s album KAOS had some of the most amazing stuff he would play. Little do people know most of the songs on the album came to KAOS in a dream.”

And what would Dead City Empire be without a Bass player?

“Bass player, Ed Palomo, from Houston Tx., who likes his martinis “stirred, not shaken brings in a multi-stylistic approach to Dead City Empire.

Dead City Empire… so Epic…

“Ed can play guitar and bass’, says SE7EN, “so having Ed allows for us to have a heavier sound.”

Ed’s bass lines stands at the center of it all supremely swift and syncopated; mixed with influences like Metallica, Mastodon, Black Sabbath and White Zombi. There’s a mass hysteria in the crowd while hearing him play.

And when the band went in search of a guitar player in walks guitarist Chilean ‘Franciscoo Mancilla’ aka “Pancho.,

“I mean he literally walked into the auditions, plugged up his guitar and played our songs as if he had written them himself, says SE7EN.  KAOS and I looked at each other and said “YES…he’s IN!!!”

Pancho bring his roots with him whenever and whatever he plays. He twists and turns his strings into bolts of sounds influenced by heavy hitters such as Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and Deftones.

Dead City Empire… so Epic…they eradicate any myths or doubts on their ability to hammer out song after song… a pure genius is the album.

What it all boils down to for us”, KAOS says, “We’re ready to hit the stage, have fun with our fans, and continue to blow their minds with great music while leaving our identity on the world like a fingerprint.”

Dead City Empire TV Day 1: Furiosa

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DEAD CITY EMPIRE : ” Run Lola Run” Demo Leak lyric Vid snippet

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